Pickup - how to reach the Airauto's car park in Faro Airport?

  • 1. The meeting point is located at park P4, a member of Airauto will be present to welcome and assist you. See photos of park P4 »
  • 2. To get to park P4, when leaving the terminal follow the signs saying "Pre-Booking Rent-a-Car".
  • 3. The client will be transported via shuttle from park P4 to Airauto's official park, located 300 meters away.
  • 4. All process will be treated there.

How to return the vehicle to Airauto?

  • 1. The return of the vehicle is made in the same park where initially the pickup occurred.
  •     GPS: N 37º1'25.3848'' W 7º58'8.7312'', see map »
  •     Address: Rua Samuel Gacon 4, 8005-282, Faro
  •     Contact: 00351 968584444
  • 2. A Airauto member is always present in the park to address the return process.
  • 3. After the vehicle return, the customer will be transported by shuttle to the departure area in Faro Airport.
Faro Airport Arrivals Hall
Faro Airport Terminal Hall and Exit on the right